The services I provide depend on the state of your lawn, and pricing can be offered either per job, per treatment programme or as part of the on going regular lawn mowing service.

The services I offer include:

  • Applying Spring Fertilizer to ensure healthy grass and growth
  • Top Dressing to fill in minor hollows and build up an ideal soil layer
  • Scarifying used in late spring or summer to remove patches of dead moss or used in early autumn to remove debris from the lawn and thick thatch.
  • Aerating- punching small holes into the lawn to enable air and water to penetrate the surface to ensure healthy grass growth
  • Applying Autumn Fertilizers to strengthen the grass roots
  • Leaf Clearing keeping grass free of debris

I will always come to you for a site visit and provide a free estimate. Sometimes when a lawn is particularly unhealthy I may also propose re-turfing, but more usually I will offer you our experience and knowledge and know what needs to be done to improve a lawn.

The goal as always is to allow you to enjoy your garden knowing that it is well cared for.